22.08.2018 Random Number Generator Recommendations for Applications
Most apps that use random numbers care about either unpredictability or speed/high quality.

21.08.2018 Clipping Plane in WPF 3D, Part 2
Demonstrate Clipping Plane in WPF 3D, Part 2

21.08.2018 Decorator Pattern in VB.NET (WinForms)
Using the decorator pattern in WinForms, VB.NET

21.08.2018 How to Display a Battery Charge Level in Xamarin Forms using Font Awesome
The tricky part is how to code the Unicode value that the label receives...

21.08.2018 C++ Object Relational Mapping (ORM)- Eating the Bun - Part 1 of N
Creating a simple ORM for C++ on-top of SQL database

21.08.2018 Model-driven RESTful API for CRUD and More
RESTful Micro-ORM for CRUD and more, written in JavaScript, using Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL