24.06.2018 Social Media User Tags in Android
Implement user tagging in your Android application

24.06.2018 The Lampost
The RFID reader idea that never made it...

24.06.2018 Using diff -e Option to Create a Baseline diff File
Introduction For a system/service I am working on, I basically need to keep a baseline which is a csv file containing demographic information. The baseline file has many rows, of which each row represents a persons demographic information.

24.06.2018 Use of Realm Object in Realm Event Handler
Use of Realm object in Realm event handler

23.06.2018 Hacking on Structured Bindings
Using the new structured binding feature in your API design

23.06.2018 A quick example of CustomElements
This tip is a simple example to illustrate how the HTML5 CustomElements can be used to create a custom date tag which has the ability to show relative date (like '5 days ago', 'Next month', '5 years ago' e.t.c.)

23.06.2018 Master Detail Datagridview in C#
This is an alternative for "Master Detail Datagridview"

23.06.2018 Let s IoT Hub: Tutorial 1
Set up an Azure IoT Hub and connect to it via Raspberry Pi 3.

23.06.2018 EntityWorker.Core - An Alternative to Entity Framework
EntityWorker.Core - an alternative to entity Framework

22.06.2018 Machine Learning with ML.Net and C#
Solving the Classification problem with ML.Net Version 0.2.